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Red Khussa

Red Khussa

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Khussa / Juti /Mojris are hand-crafted with authentic leather of utmost quality that will take the shape of your feet. So the more you wear them, the better they fit!

  • Khussa /Juti don’t have a left or right pair. Both pairs fit in either foot.
  • Before the first wear, you can also line your khussas with mustard or coconut oil and leave it to dry for a day, this will further soften the leather.
  • Paints used are water-resistant and do not come off (unless with rough usage).
  • All embellishments are glued and stitched on to the pairs.
  • For shoes with leather sole or upper, it is best to avoid getting them wet.
  • You may use a slightly damp cloth to wipe any dirt off your pair followed by drying them under mild sunlight.
  • Having used them all day, store them in the cloth bag .
  • Please note that all pairs with any leather used on them must be stored in a cloth bag to avoid them from getting any mold or mildew. It may develop due to the perspiration that develops while wearing or from moisture in storage space. Make sure your pair of shoes is dry when stored.


*Ethnic Shoes/Women Flats/Handmade Indian Designer Women Shoes or Slippers/Royal shoes/traditional style Women




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